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While Prof. Bryans offers a standard, ongoing program of training for those desirous of obtaining ranks in this powerful and effective all-in combat Art, he also offers abbreviated programs and courses, enabling the individual who “just wants to learn the basics” to do so — and to acquire the confidence and skill necessary to handle most emergencies.

Prof. Bryans, a 7th Degree Black Belt in American Combato (Jen•Do•Tao) has had decades of teaching experience. This has enabled him to encapsulate the core essentials of armed and unarmed personal defense into efficient short-term courses for the busy man or woman.


“Beginner's Course!” - To see Class Schedule CLICK HERE
       We offer the beginner’s course for adults who have NO previous experience.  Start with the fundamentals and learn what it really takes to defend yourself.  This course provides a person with absolutely no experience or background in any fighting art to get a firm grounding in the basics and acquire the techniques that will work when under the stress that inevitably takes place during a violent attack.

The Beginner’s Course, like the Introductory Course, enables the interested person to determine whether or not they want to continue to train in this unique, all defense martial art system. If not, the person will leave the days course with more confidence by knowing what to do if attacked.

The Beginner’s Course, unlike the private lesson Introductory Course, is taught in a group class setting where all the participants are beginner’s.  This course works better for some students and is LESS THAN ½ THE PRICE of the private lesson introductory course.

In the Beginners course you will learn:

·       How to effectively use your body’s natural weapons
·       The truly vital areas of the body and how to attack them
·       Interactive tactics when dealing with strangers
·       How to stand and position yourself when approached by anyone
·       Powerful man stopping attacks and counterattacks

Learn how to use your secret weapon, fear, to your advantage. In this course you will be introduced to the absolutely necessary combat mindset and how to condition yourself mentally for violent combat.

Each student is assigned to a striking dummy where all the techniques can be applied safely.

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to defend yourself why not finally do it!

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If you are interested in this class please contact Mark Bryans at 928-637-6064 or email him at

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