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The First and Only Complete Self-Defense and Close Combat Course in American Combato (Jen-Do-Tao) on High Quality DVDs!

Eleven carefully prepared professional instructional DVDs describe and demonstrate the most practical, powerful, reliable, and authentic skills of no-nonsense, realistic and war-proven unarmed and armed hand-to-hand combat methodology and personal defense developed since WWII! This Course, describing methods from that System developed in the early 1970's by Bradley J. Steiner, which crystalized into the American Combato (Jen-Do-Tao)" all-in modern close combat/self-defense martial art in 1975, will teach you how to defend yourself and those you love in any situation! Some of these methods have been copied, imitated, and pirated during the last 25+ years, but a complete self-defense course derived directly from the original and authentic System - the only authorized presentation of American Combato - is now available for home study. All of the techniques, all of the theory, and all of the mental conditioning and related doctrine in these DVDs is presented by the System's originator, Prof. Bradley J. Steiner, himself. Like Fairbairn, Sykes, Applegate, O'Neill, Brown, Begala, and Biddle in the second world war - from whose lineage this modern Martial Art is a direct descendant - Prof. Steiner clearly, simply, and plainly instructs in real world, lifesaving combatives doctrine.

 Not one sentence or one technique of that which is contained in this 11-DVD Course has been rehearsed or choreographed ahead of time. Everything you are taught and told has been done "live", spontaneously, and in "real time" -  so you are in effect receiving private, professional instruction directly from Professor Steiner just as you would if you were in his Studio, personally!

You can order any of the eleven DVDs individually, or you can purchase the entire Course, in which case you pay for only ten DVDs.  You receive one FREE!


Each DVD contains the equivalent instruction normally given in four to eight private lessons. This Course is the equivalent of at least 50 private lessons with Prof. Steiner, personally! At the current cost of private lessons (i.e.$150. per lesson), you are receiving at least $7,500. worth of instruction! And you can review this instruction again and again, and save the DVDs for your children to study when they are old enough. You do not need a teacher to learn from this DVD Course. Everything is demonstrated carefully and slowly enough for you to learn; nothing is presented to "dazzle", to "show off",  or to demonstrate "flash" and "sizzle". Everything is geared to teaching you war-proven practical and reliable skills clearly and well.



- How to stand, move, distance, and position yourself
- The combat color code
- Attack mindedness
- Evasive footwork
- How to shield
- "Fairbairn's Four" -

The chinjab smash, the handaxe chop, the tiger's claw, and the side kick. All clearly explained and demonstrated so that anyone with no prior experience in any martial art can understand and develop the skills! These are the first four of American Combato's 16 Key Blows (originally regarded by W.E. Fairbairn as the "most essential" basic blows, comprising a complete mini-system of personal hand-to-hand combat, once mastered).


- Continuing from "Fairbairn's Four", this powerful presentation completes your lessons in the remaining 12 Key Blows - the most practical and effective blows - in unarmed close combat.

- The straight heelpalm
- The knee attack
- The front kick
- The elbow smash
- The fingertips thrust
- The fingertips jab
The snap kick
- The backfist-forearm smash
- The hammerfist-forearm smash
- The basic straight punch
- The ear box
- The throat lock


- Powerful and devastatingly effective combinations of attacking actions which are adaptable to an infinite number of situations and emergency circumstances. These attack combinations utilize the Key Blows, and include additional offensive unarmed combat actions and tactics. which enable you to infinitely combine, and improvise limitless sequences and applications of ferocious attacks of your own.

This DVD focuses on attack combinations leading with HANDAXE CHOPS and THRUSTING ACTIONS, the first two categories of "attack combinations" in American Combato.

In this and the next DVD you will learn more combinations of each type than you would ever possibly need.


- Completing a well-balanced, comprehensive curriculum in vicious, unconventional, yet simple and readily applicable attacking sequences which enable the practitioner to overwhelm and disable any assailant. These combinations continue to expand your capability with the Key Blows and with other actions and tactics, and turn you into a dangerous, unpredictable, offensive combatant in close quarters combat. You'll be an expert at taking the battle into the enemy's camp and attacking your attacker!



- No realistic close combat system is worthwhile unless the matter of counterattacking (i.e. reacting to attacks which you have been unable to preempt) is covered. In this DVD you will learn:

 - How to immediately react with devastating and decisive
force against any grabbing type attack from the front
- How to break holds that attackers might apply if they catch
you off guard
- How very simply to counter punching or kicking attacks


- Attacks from behind are deadly. Learn first and foremost to guard against leaving access to your rear. However, if caught unaware, learn
 - How to counter sudden grabbing attacks from behind
- How to counter holds that may be applied from behind


The proper tactics and mental ploys applicable to these situations is emphasized. Technically, you will be taught
 - How to deal with knife threats, from varying positions
- How to save your life if attack by an adversary who is
determined to slash or to stab you with a knife
- How to counter overhand club attacks
- How to counter the backhand club or baseball bat swing


- Obviously these, like knife and club attacks, are deadly threats and only the simplest, most basic and reliable methods should be studied. No weapon "takeaways" or complicated nonsense here! These are commando type actions and will work under the most adverse conditions. Intended to save lives - not your wallet.
- Frontal handgun threats
- Side handgun threats
- Rear handgun threats
- Frontal shoulder weapon threats
- Side shoulder weapon threats
- Rear shoulder weapon threats


- Key principles and tactics of countering more than a single aggressor
- The core scenarios and how to develop counterattacking capabilities against two or more attackers that really work.


- Basic stick techniques
- The complete Fairbairn stick method (beyond what is taught in ALL-IN FIGHTING/GET TOUGH!)
- The United States Marine Corps's Kengla Technique
- Some advanced stickwork combinations
- How to use the yawara hand stick (for modern applications)


- Psychological factors
- The universal grip (for stiletto and  Bowie type knives, as well as for kitchen, utility, ad all other types of knives, and for improvised stabbing and cutting implements)
- Knife offense
- Defending yourself with a knife


These DVDs have been prepared in high quality and are protected by a COPY GUARD that prevents illegal duplication! These DVDs will play on DVD players and not on computers. Any attempt at unauthorized and illegal duplication may result in damage to the equipment employed.

 The cost of each individual DVD is $59.95 + $6 shipping and handling ($20. postage and handling for foreign orders)

 If you purchase the complete 11-DVD Course you pay only for 10 DVDs, bringing the total cost to $599.50. You get one DVD FREE. Add $20. for postage and handling ($40. for foreign orders). That's just under $600. for $7,500. worth of training!

Personal checks may take up to four weeks to clear. For immediate shipment send cash, or a postal money order, certified bank check or bank money order, payable to Brad Steiner. Send your order to:
Brad Steiner P.O. Box 15929 Seattle, Washington 98115 U.S.A.

You will want to study these DVDs again and again, as they are rich in content and packed with solid, reliable information and instruction!

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