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While Prof. Bryans offers a standard, ongoing program of training for those desirous of obtaining ranks in this powerful and effective all-in combat Art, he also offers abbreviated programs and courses, enabling the individual who “just wants to learn the basics” to do so — and to acquire the confidence and skill necessary to handle most emergencies.

Prof. Bryans, a 7th Degree Black Belt in American Combato (Jen•Do•Tao) has had decades of teaching experience. This has enabled him to encapsulate the core essentials of armed and unarmed personal defense into efficient short-term courses for the busy man or woman.


Stick Course - To see Class Schedule CLICK HERE
In this technique-and-information packed course you will be shown how to make quick work of any dangerous criminal assailant using nothing more than a stick.
This is not the kind of fancy stick-twirling and sparring with sticks that is so often passed off as “stick combatives” today. This is commando and special forces type doctrine — speedily training you to knock out, maim, or otherwise neutralize an attacker when all that you have at hand is a stick.
All skills drawn from the extensive American Combato curriculum — utterly reliable, war-proven, easily retained, and practical in the extreme.

If you are interested in this class please contact Mark Bryans at 928-637-6064 or email him at

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