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And Now You Can Train Your
Mind As Well As Your Body, With Our ...
New And Exclusive Self-Hypnosis Programs!
(The Perfect Compliment to Our DVD Training Course!)

“If you are going to win any battle, you have to do one
thing. You have to make the mind run the body.”
— General George S. Patton, Jr.Mental Conditioning is at least 50% of what is required to be successful in
close combat, hand-to-hand battle, and self-defense emergencies. And there
is nothing so effective in conditioning the mind as HYPNOSIS. However,
the hypnosis must be professionally rendered, and unless the hypnotist is a
genuine expert in and authority on the specific field in which the subject is
being assisted, he can be of very little help.
Prof. Steiner has been a State licensed hypnotherapist for more then 25
years. He has been immersed in the martial arts, weaponry, self-defense,
personal survival, and physical readiness fields for more than half a century!
Now you can enjoy the finest self-hypnosis programs designed to condition
the minds of students for all aspects of personal protection, combatives, and
There will be 20 Complete Self-Hypnosis Programs made available this
year. The first nine are now ready, prepared on quality CD discs, and
available for shipment:
001 - “Fear Into Fury!” — Mastering Fear Energy
002 - Embedding The Combat Color Code
003 - Eliminating Your Fear of Being Physically Beaten
004 - “Warrior’s Heart” — Desensitize Yourself For Combat
005 - Tapping Into Your Vital Reserves
006 - Building The Determination to Prevail In Close Combat
007 - Become Attack Minded
008 - Develop An Instant-Violent-Response Capability
009 - Develop Ruthlessness For Self-Defense
010 - Sharpening Your Situational Awareness
011 - The Anticipatory Attitude - Overcoming Astonishment
012 - Developing Real Courage
013 - Build Confidence When Facing A “Tough Guy”
014 - Develop Coolness And Nerve in the Face of Danger
015 - Mastering the Ability to Take an Enemy by Surprise
016 - Becoming Convinced That it Really Can Happen to You!Each Program Is
$25. Plus a $5. Shipping and Handling Fee. $12. for
foreign orders.
And we are also making available a series of Combat Training Lectures,
which enable you to gain information, insight, tips, suggestions, guidance,
encouragement, and valuable instruction listening to professionally presented
lectures on all subjects pertaining to close combat and self-defense. The first
Lecture, Rules of Self-Defense, is ready for shipment.
Lecture A - Rules of Self-Defense
Complete on two quality CDs. One and a half hours you’ll want to listen to
again and again for reference and inspiration in training!
This Lecture Is $30. Plus a $5. Shipping and Handling Fee. $12 for
foreign orders.

Send cash or money order (payable to Brad Steiner) to:
Brad Steiner
P.O. Box 15929
Seattle, WA. 98115

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