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PROF. MARK Bryans (7th Degree Black Belt in American Combato) has a terrific new ten lesson program (Ten 1-Hour Private Lessons with him, personally). The program is designed to combine training in the proven techniques of American Combato with the kind of progressive-resistance (weight training) exercise that we advocate for all-round physical readiness.

Here’s how this new and unique course of instruction works:

After personally instructing his student for a half hour in the solid, reliable close combat techniques of American Combato, Prof. Bryans (who is also a highly experienced and certified personal trainer) leads the pupil through a well-planned individualized workout using the professional gym facility that he himself trains at. Every movement of the exercise program is carefully coached, and under the trained eye of Prof. Bryans the pupil not only receives a terrific, beneficial workout — to top off and compliment his lesson in combat skills! — he gradually comes to understand the proper way to train using weight training equipment.

There is great efficiency in this method of training, since the 30-minutes of American Combato warms the pupil up nicely for the physical training session!

Pupils can continue this regimen under Prof. Bryans, enrolling for ongoing blocks of ten sessions each, or after completing one or two series of sessions, transition to standard American Combato instruction, and workout with weights on their own.

You do need to live within convenient traveling distance of  Prof. Bryans’ School and gym facilities in order to benefit from this new course offering. Personally, we know of no one in the entire State of Arizona better — or even as — qualified as Prof. Mark Bryans to provide this outstanding all-round training service. And we have been professionally involved in physical training ourself for almost as long as we have been involved in the combat arts!

Everyone with whom we’ve spoken who has received American Combato and/or weight training instruction from Prof. Bryans has been delighted with the results that he has obtained. To see Class Schedule CLICK HERE

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We’d urge Arizona residents to consider this training option!

If you are interested in this program please contact
Mark Bryans at 928-637-6064 or email him at

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