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While Prof. Bryans offers a standard, ongoing program of training for those desirous of obtaining ranks in this powerful and effective all-in combat Art, he also offers abbreviated programs and courses, enabling the individual who “just wants to learn the basics” to do so — and to acquire the confidence and skill necessary to handle most emergencies.

Prof. Bryans, a 7th Degree Black Belt in American Combato (Jen•Do•Tao) has had decades of teaching experience. This has enabled him to encapsulate the core essentials of armed and unarmed personal defense into efficient short-term courses for the busy man or woman.


"Our Introductory Course" - To see Class Schedule CLICK HERE

LEARNING self-defense is a serious undertaking. As in all serious endeavors the beginning is very important. 

We offer an Introductory Course for all new students. This provides a person with absolutely no experience and no background in any fighting art the opportunity to get a firm grounding in crucial fundamentals, and quickly acquire a handful of techniques that will imbue him with confidence and some ability to deal with violence.

No one can become an expert or even become “significantly advanced”, by completing the Introductory Course; however this brief series of all private lessons enables the individual student to begin the process of becoming a trained, dangerous combatant (something that will take place in American Combato years before anything comparable could be achieved in any classical/traditional approach to training).

Most important, the Introductory Course enables the interested man or woman to determine whether or not a regular program of training in this Art is in fact what he or she is looking for. The cost for the Introductory Cost is low, and the commitment to training is minimal. It is the perfect way to see if this is for you!
In the Introdcutory Course you will learn fundamental interactive tactics when dealing with strangers — or apparent troublemakers. Your will learn how to properly stand and position yourself. You will learn some of your body’s most potent “natural weapons”, as well as the best ways to use them, and the most effective targets to attack with them. You will learn some powerful and effective counterattacking actions against real world attacks.

Prof. Bryans, 7th degree black belt (awarded by the Founder of American Combato, Prof. Bradley J. Steiner), conducts all of the instruction, personally. Prof. Bryans will teach you — in all private lessons — skills that will surprise you with their simplicity, and with their effectiveness!

He will introducte you to the all-important combat mindset, and how to condition yourself mentally for violent combat.

This is your chance to discover real world, all modern, practical self-defense, in a safe, professional environment, under the tuteledge of a Master Instructor whose decades of experience qualify him as one of the finest close combat experts in the world.

If you’ve “always wanted to learn how to defend yourself” why not finally do it? Call Prof. Bryans today and find out more about this Introductory Course in American Combato (Jen•Do•Tao).

If you are interested in this class please contact Mark Bryans at 928-637-6064 or email him at

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