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Now You Can Select A Custom-Tailored Approach To Fast Learning In The American Combato System!

While Prof. Bryans offers a standard, ongoing program of training for those desirous of obtaining ranks in this powerful and effective all-in combat Art, he also offers abbreviated programs and courses, enabling the individual who “just wants to learn the basics” to do so — and to acquire the confidence and skill necessary to handle most emergencies.

Prof. Bryans, a 7th Degree Black Belt in American Combato (Jen•Do•Tao) has had decades of teaching experience. This has enabled him to encapsulate the core essentials of armed and unarmed personal defense into efficient short-term courses for the busy man or woman.

Here are his offerings:

1. Introductory Course
LEARNING self-defense is a serious undertaking. As in all serious endeavors the beginning is very important. 

We offer an Introductory Course for all new students. This provides a person with absolutely no experience and no background in any fighting art the opportunity to get a firm grounding in crucial fundamentals, and quickly acquire a handful of techniques that will imbue him with confidence and some ability to deal with violence.

No one can become an expert or even become “significantly advanced”, by completing the Introductory Course; however this brief series of all private lessons enables the individual student to begin the process of becoming a trained, dangerous combatant (something that will take place in American Combato years before anything comparable could be achieved in any classical/traditional approach to training).

Most important, the Introductory Course enables the interested man or woman to determine whether or not a regular program of training in this Art is in fact what he or she is looking for. The cost for the Introductory Cost is low, and the commitment to training is minimal. It is the perfect way to see if this is for you!
In the Introdcutory Course you will learn fundamental interactive tactics when dealing with strangers — or apparent troublemakers. Your will learn how to properly stand and position yourself. You will learn some of your body’s most potent “natural weapons”, as well as the best ways to use them, and the most effective targets to attack with them. You will learn some powerful and effective counterattacking actions against real world attacks.

Prof. Bryans, 7th degree black belt (awarded by the Founder of American Combato, Prof. Bradley J. Steiner), conducts all of the instruction, personally. Prof. Bryans will teach you — in all private lessons — skills that will surprise you with their simplicity, and with their effectiveness!

He will introducte you to the all-important combat mindset, and how to condition yourself mentally for violent combat.

This is your chance to discover real world, all modern, practical self-defense, in a safe, professional environment, under the tuteledge of a Master Instructor whose decades of experience qualify him as one of the finest close combat experts in the world.

If you’ve “always wanted to learn how to defend yourself” why not finally do it? Call Prof. Bryans today and find out more about this Introductory Course in American Combato (Jen•Do•Tao).

2. Group Class
While our short-term courses are excellent, we offer the finest ongoing training in American
Combato for those who seek expert level proficiency, and who wish to embrace the entire
Art as a lifetime study or avocation. American Combato (Jen•Do•Tao) is, after all, a modern, comprehensive all-American martial art. Group classes meet regularly.
Formal certifications and grades awarded to deserving students, and all training is led by Prof. Mark Bryans, 7th degree Black Belt.
The prerequisite for these classes is our Introductory Course, and once you’re underway the sky’s the limit! This is an all-combat/all-defense System — and it is rich in techniques, tactics, and psychological conditioning.

3. “One Day Course (8 Hours)”
          This is a one day course/seminar that will speedily impart some of the most savage and effective tehniques that American Combato includes in its curriculum. Adults Only in this power-packed one day Program.
You will learn some of the same techniques that were taught to secret agents of our wartime OSS, to U.S. Marine Corps Raiders, and to British Commandos and members of the British SOE, during WWII. Quickly learned, easily retained, and devastatingly destructive; you will not leave thisone-day Course an “expert”; but you will complete the day equipped with some of the most effective and reliable methods of personal protection imaginable! If you work on developing what this Course teaches you, you will enjoy a level of justifiable self-confidence and ability to handle a dangerous adversary that very few people ever acquire.

4. “Three Day Intensive Course”
Excellent for out-of-town students with only a limited time to train. In point of fact, the three fulltime days of training in American Combato methods will impart a complete and comprehensive — yet abbreviated — system of personal defense. 
You will learn much more than you will be able to actually perfect in three days . . . thus this outstanding Course will provide you material for months of training on your own. The result will be self-confidence and a balanced array of simple skills that will offer you the means of meeting and defeating a dangerous, determined physical aggressor. You’ll learn offensive close combat and very aggressive “defensive” counterattacking methods to be used against all types of attack.
This three day Course can make the rest of your life safer.

5. Two Hour Stick Course
In two technique-and-information packed hours you will be shown how to make quick work of any dangerous criminal assailant using nothing more than a stick.
This is not the kind of fancy stick-twirling and sparring with sticks that is so often passed off as “stick combatives” today. This is commando and special forces type doctrine — speedily training you to knock out, maim, or otherwise neutralize an attacker when all that you have at hand is a stick.
All skills drawn from the extensive American Combato curriculum — utterly reliable, war-proven, easily retained, and practical in the extreme.

6. “Speak Softly . . .
. . . and carry a big stick.(6 week stick course)”

So said Theodore Roosevelt. And this 6-week program in combative stickwork will enable you not merely to wield a “big stick” in self-defense, but also to employ a simple walking stick, a length of wood or metal, and even a short 6” piece of pipe or wood.
Taught over a six week period at a pace of one, one-hour lesson each week, you will come to discover how deadly the stick is in trained hands, and just how well equipped you are for anything when you’ve mastered these skills, and when you get your hands on a stick!
You’ll learn commando and marine corps raider skills from WWII, and you’ll be shown some innovative stick skills that are without peer for modern self-defense.
Once you’ve completed this Course will will indeed be able to “speak softly” . . . because your skill will have provided you a very damaging stick capability, indeed!

7. Ladies Day Self Defense
HAVING the knowledge of how to defend yourself in an emergency is a wise investment. It reduces your fear of going wherever you need to go and of doing whatever you need to do. Your poise, self-confidence, and knowledge of what to do should you need to protect yourself  against attack will provide benefits for you in every area of your life.

Prof. Mark Bryans, 7th degree black belt, is now offering a special intensive program just for ladies who wish to learn fundamental skills, tactics, and proper mental conditioning that will enable them to defeat and escape from a physical aggressor.

Covered in this intensive session of training will be:

• Personal security and protective tactics

• How to cultivate the combat mindset if you are ever forced to deal with a physical threat

• Methods of striking effectively with your hands, elbows, knees, and feet

• The most vulnerable targets that will enable you to injure anyone

• How to react effectively when anyone attempts to seize hold of you 

• What to do if someone tries to hit or smack you

• How to use an umbrella to savve your life

This outstanding program will not make you an expert or a black belt, but it WILL give you the basic knowledge you need to resist physical violation and escape. 

As a lady you have the element of surprise on your side, since cowards who attack women do not anticipate effective retaliation. Let Prof. Bryans teach you how make the most of that element of surprise! 

8. Self Defense/Weight Training Program
A ten lesson program (Ten 1-Hour Private Lessons with Mark, personally). The program is designed to combine training in the proven techniques of American Combato with the kind of progressive-resistance (weight training) exercise that we advocate for all-round physical readiness.
Contact Prof. Bryans. Your inquiry will receive a  speedy and confidential reply.

9. Custom Training
Does your Organization, Club, School, or Lodge want a special course taught to fulfill particular requirements? Prof. Bryans can custom tailor brief, short-term, or lengthy programs of training that provide exactly the kind of armed and/or unarmed close combat and sef-defense instruction you require.
Contact Prof. Bryans. Your inquiry will receive a  speedy and confidential reply.

10. Personal Training
This is a 12 Session Package privately with Professor Mark Bryans designed to your individual needs.
Contact Prof. Bryans. Your inquiry will receive a  speedy and confidential reply.

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